Miniature Props

Here is my version of knitting.  You can click on the first two images for a (much) larger detail view.

hunter jump in progress

A Breyer Stablemate size natural hunter jump, unfinished at this stage, but I think it's coming along nicely...well, except for the cat-5 wire standing in for jump cups.

omalley ebay pic

The same jump set upon completion, as it was posted on eBay.

flyer stone jumpfreehold stone jump

I took a couple of test shots with different models and backdrops, just to get a feel for what the setup might look like if I took any serious show photos.  Disclaimer:  These are NOT serious show photos!

Freehold flyover 2

I came up with a better idea for jump cups, as luck would have it after the first fence had sold. I promptly shipped out a complimentary set of replacements for the buyer. ;-)

jump cup detail

Detail shot of a set of unfinished "pinless" jump cups and basic standards.  The cup design is based on real training jump cups that I came across on an equestrian supply website.  I use a small amount of craft tack to stick them to the jump standards - as you can see from this pic I was still experimenting with just how little it really needs.  Which, it turned out, is a lot less than I used initially.  ;-)

log jump on workbench

A natural log cross country jump nearing completion on my work table.  It looks better in a more natural setting, of course.

log jump action shot

log jump outdoors

That's a bit more like it. :-) For the sharp-eyed, yeah, I cheated a bit on the second photo with my graphics editor around the jump base. The wind was a bit brisk for using any loose footing, so I just popped the jump on the same mat I used on my work table and snapped a few shots. Seeing how it might look if I really set things up right, I'll be doing another outdoor shoot - in calmer weather.

white fence jump

Test shot of a hunter/jumper fence with simple gate style standards. I left one of the poles down as a ground pole, mainly beause I wanted to get the reference shots done and also because this horse is still in training. ;-)

wave jump set

This is one of my favorites; I call it "The Wave". The design just popped into my head one afternoon as I was poking through some of the wood pieces in my supply stash.

wave jump

I think it looks even cooler all put together and with a horse sailing over it. :-)

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